Professor Eagle's Lesson # 2


A short while ago Professor Eagle returned from a visit with his relatives and prepared the following English lesson for KETNET members.


My earlier lesson, which can be found under the Teacher Resources tab in this site, contained ten works that describe different types of people. Here is a new list of nouns and adjectives that can be used to describe people.

1.   HOT SHOT - a person who is both very successful and confident

2.   SLACKER - a person who avoids work; a lazy person

3.   HENPECKED - a man who is always told what to do by his wife and is afraid to disagree with her

4.   SLOB - a messy, untidy, slovenly person

5.   STRAIGHT ARROW - someone who is very proper, good, and conventional (and often a little boring because of those qualities)

6.   CRY-BABY - someone who complains in a childish way or gets upset too easily

7.   TUBBY - someone who is short and fat, especially around the abdomen

8.   PIGHEADED - a person who is determined to do things the way s/he wants and who refuses to change her or his mind, even when there are good reasons to do so; someone who is stubborn

9.   WEIRDO - a weird or strange person; an abnormal person

10. STUFFED-SHIRT - someone who behaves in a very formal way and thinks that s/he is important


Use one of the above terms to fill in the gaps below. The answers to this exercise can be found below.

1.   You never do your homework, Bob, You're the biggest ______________ I have ever seen.

2.   Besarta will never avoid her work in order to have a little fun.  She's a _______________.

3.   One of my students always complains and makes excuses when he does poorly on an exam. He's a _______________.

4.   Oh, my God. Look at that guy coming down the aisle. He is so strange. I don't want that _______________ to sit next to me.

5.   That guy eats like a pig. He has food all over his face and shirt.  What a _______________.

6.   If he's such a _______________, why isn't he more successful?

7.   He's a _______________, and people would tell him that if he didn't have so much money.

8.   Her boyfriend is very nice, but he's a little _______________.

9.   I've never known anyone who is as ______________ as Ismet.  His wife always tells him what to do.

10. Don't waste your time trying to convince him. He's so _______________ that he will never change his mind.


1.   slacker

2.   straight arrow

3.   cry baby

4.   weirdo

5.   slob

6.   hot shot

7.   stuffed-shirt

8.   tubby

9.   henpecked

10. pigheaded

Here is the perspective of various university departments about how to mark the final examinations of students:

Department of Psychology - Students are instructed to blot ink in their examination books, close them, and submit them to the professor.  The professor opens each book and assigns to the student the first mark that s/he thinks of.

Department of History - All students are given the same mark they got last year.

Department of Law - Students are asked to defend their position of why they should get an excellent mark.

Department of Computer Science - A random number generator shall determine each student's mark.

Department of Physical Education - Everyone gets an excellent mark.

Department of Religion - Marks should be decided by God.

Department of Philosophy - What is a mark?

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