KETNET seeks to strengthen the abilities of Kosova’s EFL teachers by providing a network for sharing professional development information.

English Teacher Professional Development Program is happening again. Interested teachers are encouraged to apply.

UPON COMPLETION CERTIFICATES OF 12-25 HOURS WILL BE ISSUED BY THE Kosova Ministry of Education, Science, & Technology

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KETNET 2014 Conference

When Theory Meets Practice: Inspiring Practices

Friday the 6th June- Saturday the 7th June 2014

The Kosova English Language Teachers’ Network(KETNET) is pleased to announce the 4th annual conference, hosted by the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, in Prishtina, Kosova.  KETNET is an English teachers’ association that aims at bringing together experienced and less experienced English teachers of primary, secondary and higher education to discuss and share their daily classroom practices and challenges, reflect about their professional development needs and opportunities, network and socialize.


This year’s conference encourages teachers to reflect on theoretical and pedagogical issues of language learning and teaching, respectively, to rethink their classroom practices in an attempt to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It is not uncommon, however, for many teachers around the globe to lack opportunities that would inform them about the new research on learning and teaching, which, consequently would allow them to make informed and independent decisions about what works best in their context.


Even if they get informed, in many cases classroom practices are strongly influenced by what local authorities have asked teachers to do rather than to give them an opportunity to learn more about it, and/or encourage them to identify questions that need answers. As classroom experience is an extremely powerful tool that guides theory, the conference would like to encourage teachers to share their classroom practices and thus contribute to the worldwide debate.


The conference is open to all English teachers and educators interested to attend or present their own views on the relationship between theory and practice, the gap between the two and its impact on learning and teaching, share their classroom practices, disseminate the result of their research and/or raise questions to open up a debate about the relationship between the two.

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