KETNET seeks to strengthen the abilities of Kosova’s EFL teachers by providing a network for sharing professional development information.

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Dear all,

The 5th Annual KETNET Conference is approaching (30th May 2015).   This year we will be hosting numerous presentations from local, regional and international presenters.  

English teachers from all levels of education, from public and private institutions, are welcome to attend the presentations, share experiences, network, and learn something useful for their teaching from the variety of presentations that will be offered.

Below are fees for members and non-members of KETNET who wish to attend the Conference.  Non-member teachers can choose to pay 20 Euros for the Conference only, or they can pay 12 Euros for the annual membership and 6 Euros for the Conference, so 18 Euros in total. In case of the latter, when paying in the bank, make sure you ask the bank to write Membership +Conference Fee in the subject line.  When becoming a KETENT member, you gain access to our services among which free workshops that will be organised throughout the year.


If there are more than 5 teachers who want to attend the conference as a group, the fee is 10 Euros for the membership and 6 Euros for the Conference Fee.  


Please pay in the following bank and bank account:


ProCredit Bank KETNET Account number 1117006831000177


To receive your registration credentials onsite you will need to bring a confirmation of payment either issued from the Bank.

Conference Fees







6 Euro

3 Euro

20 Euros




Annual membership - 12 Euros

Conference fees for members - 6 Euros

Conference fees for non-members - 20 Euros




Annual membership - 6 Euros

Conference fees for members - 3 Euros

Conference fees for non-members - 10 Euros


KETNET will offer free transportation from 6 major regions to Prishtina.  To be able to use KETNET’s transportation, you must e-mail the people listed below based on the region where you live,  by Tuesday 25th May, 2015.


Selvije Azemi –Mitrovice

selvieqorrajazemi@hotmail.com  044215512


Shpresa Hashani-Ferizaj

Shpresahashani@hotmial.com- 044478832


Blerta Shehu- Gjilan


blertashahu@outlook.com 044125945


Vlora Dushi-Gjakove

vlodushi@gmail.com  045329797


Ergin Gashi Prizren

ergin.gashi@live.com  044291550


Njomza Laqi- Peje  044507253



The KETNET Conference Organizing Committee looks forward to having you at the Conference.


The deadline for speaker proposals for the 5th Annual KETNET Conference has been extended to 31st March 2015.

The challenges and opportunities of teaching English in the age of globalization

Click HERE to download KETNET Conference Submission guidelines

Click HERE to download KETNET Conference Proposal Form


Friday the 29th May- Saturday the 30th May


Kosova English Language Teachers’ Network (KETNET) is pleased to announce the 5th KETNET Annual Conference “The challenges and opportunities of teaching English in the age of globalization”.

Globalization is a way of speaking about our world as an interconnected place, one that has engendered many opportunities and challenges for English teachers throughout the world. These opportunities include: increased student access to a large database of English-language online materials, the ability to more easily communicate with native speakers of English, and expanded exposure to cultural aspects of the English language.

These opportunities, although aided by globalization, have also generated various challenges. Initially, not all students are exposed equally to online resources and/or communication opportunities with English speakers. This inequity of exposure results in a diversified class composition not only regarding the command of the language but also regarding interests. Addressing this diversification requires more differentiation, and possibly more resources, from teachers, in order to effectively teach all the students in their class. Additionally, teachers are trying to use relevant, useful, and interesting information in class, to keep students engaged and learning.

The affects of Globalization are certainly vast in number and are being experienced by English teachers around the world. For the 5th KETNET Annual Conference, we welcome and encourage contributions from those willing to share about challenges, opportunities, and new teaching approaches that he/she is using while teaching English in this age of Globalization.

KETNET organised the first of a series of workshops for 2015 on the 28th February 2015. Focused on teaching reading strategies and reading comprehension for lower and upper high school teachers, from both public and private schools, the workshop welcomed 21 teachers from all over Kosovo MORE

Teachers' Avenue Editorial Team is pleased to announce the third call for contributions to our magazine.

The deadline for submission is April 10th , 2015 at midnight and all contributions that assist the process of English teaching through sharing knowledge, experience and thoughts are welcome.

See attached document for submission guidelines.

Teachers' Avenue Submission Guidelines2015.docx


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