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KETNET seeks to strengthen the abilities of Kosova’s EFL teachers by providing a network for sharing professional development information.

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KETNET’s 7th Annual Conference

Exploring many pathways of learning

29th &30th September 2017

Cherishing the uniqueness of students in classrooms and using it to facilitate student learning has never been more important.  In everyday life, students are surrounded by different opportunities and means that enable them to use their strengths, interests and learning preferences to excel in everyday activities. However, in classrooms students are still exposed to activities that are not always in consistence with their strengths, interests, learning preferences or background knowledge.  Therefore, KETNET’s 7th Annual Conference is centered around using students’ readiness, interests, and learning profile to enable them to succeed in acquiring English. More specifically, the conference aims to explore how to differentiate process, content and product in ways that use students’ uniqueness to maximize their learning even when classrooms consist of a high number of unique individuals.


If you wish to contribute to our Conference through a Traditional Presentation, Workshop, Panel Discussion, Poster Presentation, Pecha Kucha, or Demonstration please download the submission guidelines (click here) for more details and the Conference Speaker Proposal Form (click here) to apply.



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