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KETNET seeks to strengthen the abilities of Kosova’s EFL teachers by providing a network for sharing professional development information.

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KETNET’s 6th Annual Conference                                           

Thinking Back, Looking Ahead: Learning within and beyond the classroom

27th & 28th May  2016

Kosova English Language Teachers’ Network (KETNET) is pleased to announce the 6th KETNET Annual Conference “Thinking Back, Looking Ahead: Learning within and beyond the classroom”.          


Teaching and learning have never been easier and yet more complex than in the past.  The development of technology has provided learners with limitless resources facilitating the process of acquiring information.  However, it has also made teaching and learning more convoluted. The limitless resources which learners can access create complex networks in which learners must be selective in order to be successful.

Being the key facilitators for successful student learning in the abundance of information and resources that students face, teachers’ role in the complexity of the 21st century learning is unquestionable.  They are the shapers of vital skills that enable students to thrive not only during school years but also during lifelong learning. Looking back, teachers reflect on contextual elements which have impacted student learning. Looking ahead, students- the future knowledge economies- will face unimaginable problems. By guiding students to acquire information from reliable sources within and beyond the classroom through collaboration, research and technology, teachers shape the future: life-long learners with the knowledge and skills to find solutions to existing, expected as well as unexpected challenges.

If you wish to contribute to our Conference through a Traditional Presentation, Workshop, Panel Discussion, Poster Presentation, Pecha Kucha, or Demonstration please download the submission guidelines (click here) for more details and the Conference Speaker Proposal Form (click here) to apply.




Thank you for your interest in submitting an article/lesson plan/short activity with the Teachers’ Avenue. The deadline for submission is November 8th, 2015 at midnight. In order for your submission to be considered for publication, you need to follow the guidelines by clicking the Link below. 


KETNET organised the first of a series of workshops for 2015 on the 28th February 2015. Focused on teaching reading strategies and reading comprehension for lower and upper high school teachers, from both public and private schools, the workshop welcomed 21 teachers from all over Kosovo MORE


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