Arbnora Katanolli, Regional Coordinator 

Isa Qitaku, Workshop Facilitation Assistant  

At the Didactic Center on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18th, the Peja  Region continued the National 2013 English Teacher Professional Development Program implemented collaboratively between KETNET, the English Language Fellow Program, and the Ministry of Education! 

During the 2 day workshop focusing on English teaching methodology and lesson planning, Vjollca Demalija, Beqir Zekaj and Burhan Beqiri were chosen to lead the Reflective Cohort, where approximately 15 teachers will engage in peer observations.  Additionally, Vjollca's team won the lesson planning competition due to their focus on "differentiation."  

English teachers were very satisfied with the sessions, especially the one on lesson planning. They said it was one of the most productive seminars. Participants stated that the need for this kind of workshop is very high, and they expressed the desire to continue in these workshops in the future. 

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