ETPDP Mitrovica

Mitrovica  Team:

Selvije Azemi, Regional Coordinator

Bilall Paliqi , Workshop Facilitation Assistant II

The 2013 English Teacher Professional Development Program arrived in Mitrovica on the 6th and 7th of April. Over 70 teachers and school directors attended the two-day workshop held at the primary school "Bedri Gjinaj" in Mitrovica.  

From the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Drita Kadriu greeted the School Directors and their teachers who attended the first session. Snacks and coffee were served during breaks as well as lunch.

Teacher comments from workshop participants listed which aspects they liked the best:

"I enjoyed everything in this training."

"Opportunities to share and change ideas."

"Meeting other colleagues and sharing our experiences."

"The training was good, teachers collaborated with each other, trainers were caring. Trainers were wonderful..."



Workshop Agenda English

Handout/Survey English Shqip

Benefits of an English Teachers' Association English/Shqip

Best Practice in English Instruction English/Shqip

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