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Conference & Events Committee

Mensure Jashari (Chair)

Mensure Jashari has been part of KETNET since its foundation.

In 2007, she enrolled in the English Language and Literature Program at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philology, and she currently is a Master of Arts student with Linguistics as her major field of study.

Mensure has volunteered for two years at the American Corner, Prishtina, where she has organized several competitions such as a “Spelling Bee,” and a variety of activities, including English Conversational classes, “Discussion Club,”  “Black History Month activities,” “Open House,” “Library Day,” “Movie Night” and so on.

She has more than three years of experience teaching English for Specific Purposes. Furthermore, she has attended several teacher trainings. A core volunteer at KETNET’s first two conferences in 2011 and 2012, Mensure has also participated in regional conferences such as ELTA Albania and ELTAM Macedonia. She works and lives in Prishtina.


  • Arian Krasniqi
  • Arbnora Jakaj
  • Edona Blaku
  • Jetlirë Murati
  • Mejreme Berisha


Funding Committee

Fitim Krasniqi (Chair)
045 670 353

Fitim, from Klina, currently lives in Prishtina.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in English Philology in 2012 and now he is pursuing his master’s degree. Since enrolling in studies at the University of Prishtina in 2009, he has been actively engaged in non-profits related to education in general and English Teaching and Learning in particular. To mention some, he has been part of OWYP Prishtina Hub for two years and KETNET for over a year. He is also involved in ISR Institute, a non-profit that aims at improving the quality of research and study in Kosova. Additionally, he also has over a years’ experience teaching ESL for a private language school. Besides his studies and involvement in various non-profits, he has also participated in a significant number of English Teachers’ Conferences. In addition to attending area conferences, he also presented at ELTA Lezhë last fall. In a nutshell, Fitim’s efforts have focused on his own educational achievements and extensive support of education-related NGO-s in meeting their objectives.


  • Ujmira Trena
  • Fazile Neziri
  • Fitnete Hasani

Membership Committee

Milazim Behrami (Chair)

Milazim Behrami is the Membership Committee Chair.

He has been a much invested student of English Language and Literature. He earned his Bachelor of English Language in Teaching and Learning Methodology at the University of Prishtina. He is actively involved in the process of education in general and teaching in particular.  Milazim is currently a teacher at the Cambridge School in Prishtina. He is also studying for a Master's degree in the field of Linguistics.

Milazim works and lives in Prishtina.


  • Art Haxhijakupi
  • Lumnije Shaqiri
  • Milot Sheremeti
  • Bardhe Çetta
  • Besart Hoxha
  • Teuta Hajrullahu

Projects Committee

Shpresim Ademaj (Chair)
044 868 812

Shpresim graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Philology, English Language and Literature Department, with a Bachelor of Arts. He currently is a Master of Arts student of Linguistics in the same department.

Shpresim has taught Primary and Lower Secondary English Language at Emin Duraku in Shtime.  He currently teaches Higher Seconday at Naim Frasheri in Shtime.

He is actively involved in volunteering for the improvement of English programming and serving as the KETNET Projects Committee Chair.


  • Rexhep Veliu
  • Vlora Molliqaj
  • Besa Haxhiu
  • Festa Shabani
  • Fatime Theranda
  • Merita Asllani
  • Vlora Musliu

Public Information Committee

Blerta Shehu (Chair)

Blerta Shehu is the Public Information Committee Chair.

She earned her Bachelor of English Language at the University of Prishtina. She also is nearing the completion of her Master studies in ELT at the University of South East Europe in Tetova, Macedonia.

Blerta has presented in the past two KETNET conferences (April 2011 and June 2012) organized in Prishtina. She has almost five years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language.

She currently works at the High School of Visual Arts in Gjilan.


  • Kushtrim Morina
  • Eroll Morina
  • Rudina Salihu
  • Arta Krasniqi
  • Arta Aliu


Article IX of KETNET's Constitution authorizes its Executive Committee, which consists of its President, President-elect, Past-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and a representative of each of its regional  branches, to create standing committees to contribute to the achievement of KETNET's purposes and objectives.  Toward this end, in April 2012 the Executive Committee authorized the creation of five standing committees, whose duties are described below.  Any member of KETNET who wishes to serve on a particular standing committee is encouraged to inform KETNET's President, Vegim Vinca, of his or her interest by writing to him at

1.      Conference and Events Committee

  • Plans and implements all conferences sponsored by KETNET.
  • Plans and arranges conference programs that address the needs of teachers  at the primary, secondary, and university levels, private as well as public school teachers, those who teach adults, and those who teach English for general purposes, English for academic purposes, or English for specific purposes.
  • Insures that conferences provide opportunities for teachers to exchange ideas on both a formal and informal basis.
  • Maintains a written record of the date, location, arrangements, agenda, presenters, attendance, activities, and other pertinent information concerning each KETNET conference.  Upon the conclusion of a conference, transmits to KETNET’s Executive Committee a report containing the above information as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Submits recommendations to KETNET’s Executive Committee about future conferences and events that should be held.
  • Solicits calls for conference presentations from linguistic studies specialists, pre-service and in-service trainers of language teachers, English language teachers, and other parties to insure that KETNET conferences are as informative and beneficial as possible.
  • Screens and evaluates, with assistance from KETNET’s President-elect, abstracts of presentations that are submitted by individuals who wish to participate in a forthcoming conference and event.  Provides written notification to those individuals who are chosen to be presenters at a conference or event.
  • Requests timely assistance from KETNET’s Public Information Committee to publicize all future conferences and events as thoroughly and effectively as possible.
  • Submits to the Executive Committee a proposed budget for a future conference or event which lists the type and amount of each expense associated with the conference or event and that suggests, following consultation with the Funding Committee, ways of raising money to fund those expenses.  Recommends to KETNET’s Executive Committee, as soon as possible, the amount of any fee that should be charged to attend a particular conference or event.
  • Following the Executive Committee’s approval of a budget for a proposed conference or event, requests timely assistance from KETNET’s Funding Committee to raise the necessary funds to finance the conference or event.

 2.      Funding Committee

  • Works closely with KETNET’s Treasurer to identify the amount and sources of funds needed to finance KETNET’s activities.
  • Identifies way of raising funds and securing non-monetary donations that are needed to finance KETNET’s activities, including any conferences, events, and projects that it organizes.
  • Establishes fund raising goals.
  • Secures authorization from KETNET’s Executive Committee for any fund raising events that it recommends.
  • Identifies any expenses that are likely to be incurred in the process of achieving its fund raising goals and informs KETNET’s Executive Committee of those expenses.  Secures the Executive Committee’s authorization to incur those expenses before initiating its attempts to raise funds.
  • Obtains volunteers to help raise needed funds and other support.
  • Carries out fund raising activities.
  • Maintains accurate written records of any funds and other assistance that it raises.
  • Conveys all funds that it raises to KETNET’s Treasurer for immediate deposit into KETNET’s bank account.  Obtains a written receipt from KETNET’s Treasurer for the funds given to him or her that it retains for record keeping and inspection purposes.
  • After each fund raising activity, submits a written report to KETNET’s Executive Committee which states the amount of funds it raised and the date of their transfer to KETNET’s Treasurer.
  • Recommends to the Executive Committee periodically, following consultation with KETNET’s Membership Committee, any needed changes in KETNET’s membership fees.
  • As needed, requests timely assistance from KETNET’s Public Information Committee to publicize future fund raising activities.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of any fund raising efforts that it undertakes to determine how greater fund raising success can be achieved in the future.

 3.      Membership Committee

  • Develops and submits to KETNET’s Executive Committee in writing a plan to attract individuals and organizations to become and remain members of KETNET.
  • Conducts, following consultation with KETNET’s Executive Committee, an annual membership drive to attract new members.
  • Develops and suggests to the Public Information Committee ways of using KETNET’s website, Facebook, and other media to attract new members and demonstrate to current members the benefits of KETNET membership.
  • Recommends to the Executive Committee, as appropriate, any needed changes in KETNET’s Constitution that pertains to membership.
  • Develops and maintains an up to date list of all KETNET members that includes their full name, the name of their school, the grades they currently teach, their telephone number, their email address (if any), the type of membership they possess, and the beginning and end dates of their membership.  Develops and maintains a separate, but similar list of all teachers who are not members of KETNET.
  • Develops and implements a means of issuing KETNET membership cards electronically.

 4.      Projects Committee

  • Identifies and recommends to KETNET’s Executive Committee any projects that should be undertaken to achieve the goals listed in KETNET’s Constitution.
  • Includes with any project that it recommends to KETNET’s Executive Committee a carefully prepared budget that identifies any expenses associated with the project and suggests where funds can be obtained to pay those expenses.  Shares the contents of the proposed budget with the members of the Funding Committee and solicits their views concerning its feasibility prior to submitting it to KETNET’s Executive Committee.
  • Anticipates any liability issues that might result from undertaking a particular project.
  • Cooperates with other organizations, public and private, to maximize the effectiveness of KETNET’s projects.
  • Following the completion of a project, evaluates the effectiveness of the project and determines how any problems that arose can be avoided in the future.

 5.      Public Information Committee

  • Promotes a positive image of KETNET and its desire to strengthen the capabilities of Kosova’s teachers of English.
  • Improves and maintains KETNET’s Internet presence by posting photos of KETNET events and reporting timely information of interest to Kosova’s EFL teachers.
  • Strengthens KETNET’s website and insures that it contains useful features and informative, up-to-date information about teacher education and exchange programs, opportunities for teacher development, past and future conferences, member information, and other resources for teachers, and that it provides a forum for teachers to exchange information and communicate with one another.
  • Cooperates with KETNET’s other standing committees to assist them to achieve their objectives.


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