To Become a KETNET Member:

  1. Review the fee schedule below and make the correct payment to ProCredit Bank KETNET account number 1117006831000177
  2. Fill out and submit the online registration form
  3. Email treasurer, Naim Shaqiri, to tell him you have completed the process of payment and registration!

Membership dues:

Membership in the Association shall require annual payment(period June 2018 - May 2019) of the following dues:


1. Active teachers of English: 12 Euros 

2. Retired teachers of English: 6 Euros

3. Students who intend to become English teachers: 6 Euros

4. Corporate members: 50 Euros

Membership + Conference 18 EUR

Individuals and corporate entities who become members of the Association after June 1 shall be assessed dues according to the following schedule:

In addition to the above categories of membership, the Association shall offer to individuals the alternative of a lifetime membership for 120 Euros.

All individuals and corporate entities must pay their dues by depositing the required amount in the Association’s bank account. The membership of any individuals or corporate entities who do not renew their membership by June 30 will lapse on July 1.

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