Accredited English Teacher Professional Development Pilot Program Application

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Two Days of FREE Workshops

Sqarim: Aplikacioni duhet të plotësohet nga drejtori i shkollës apo nga ndonjëri prej mësimdhënësve të Gjuhës angleze. Pra Një aplikacion duhet të plotësohet nga një shkollë. Drejtori mund të aplikoj për të gjithë mësimdhënësit apo një mësimdhënës për drejtorin dhe kolegët e tij. Varësisht nga pozita juaj, ju lutem klikoni më poshtë në lidhjet(linqet) përkatëse.

Nëse jeni në cilësinë e drejtorit, kliko KËTU

Nëse jeni në cilësinë e Mësimdhënësit, kliko KËTU

Target Audience: Primary and Lower Secondary English Teachers & School Directors
Six Sessions for teachers (Saturdays/Sundays 9:30 am – 15:30)
School Directors attend their region's Session 1, Saturday, 9:30 am – 11:00
Lunch and snacks provided.

Target Quality Areas:
Culture of Learning
Quality of Teaching and Learning Processes
Professionalism of Teachers Learning Processes

 Topics Include:

The New Curriculum Framework and You

Planning for a Quality English Program

Peer Classroom Observation

Lesson Planning for Positive Outcomes

Alignment of Assessment & Curriculum

Join Senior English Language Fellow, Stephanie Drotos, and Univeristy of Prishtinë English Professor, Blerta Mustafa, for two days of training followed by lesson plan development, classroom observation, online support, and free admission to the Annual KETNET Conference! Dr. Drotos, working with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and KETNET, holds a PhD in Education from Ohio State University. Blerta Mustafa, an expert in second language writing acquisition, is finalizing her PhD from Reading University in England. Both trainers have over 10 years of experience teaching English and preparing teachers!


As space in the course is limited, schools will be chosen on a competitive basis. Priority will be given to schools who can commit to attend and complete all sessions and post-workshop professional development activities. Also, schools which are more likely to employ under-qualified teachers will be given priority in the selection process.

Phase I: Gjilan

Phase II: Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Prishtinë, Gjakova, Peja, Prizren

...Coming soon to a city near you!

UPON COMPLETION CERTIFICATES OF 12-25 HOURS WILL BE ISSUED BY THE Kosova Ministry of Education, Science, & Technology/KETNET/United States English Language Program!

Participating teachers will also be eligible to apply for mini-grants!

Application Steps:

  1. Please complete and submit the form below by March 29 (Prizren, Mitrovica, Prishtina, Ferizaj) and May 8 (Peja, Gjakova). You may have to scroll down to locate the SUBMIT button.
  2. Send email to Dr. Stephanie Drotos at to inform her that you have submitted the form.
  3. Only schools accepted in the program will be notified. Please check your email for notification.

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