The name of this Association is "Kosova English Teachers' Network", also known as KETNET, whose address is the American Corner at the National and University Library in Prishtina.


KETNET is a professional, non-profit, and non-political organization whose purposes are to promote scholarship, disseminate information, strengthen at all levels instruction and research in the teaching of English, and cooperate in appropriate ways with other groups having similar interests.


As a professional association of English language teachers throughout Kosova, KETNET aims to participate in setting, promoting, and maintaining high standards in English language teaching and learning, and to support professional development and networking for English language teachers. Initially organized on a national scale, KETNET aspires to include within its framework branches in each of the seven Regional Centers of Kosova: Prishtina, Ferizaj, Gjakova, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Peja, and Prizren.


To reduce the isolation that teachers experience both in their classrooms and in their institutional settings;

  • To offer a forum for the introduction, production and exchange of instructional materials and other resources;
  • To take a lead in providing in-service training opportunities;
  • To disseminate information about language teaching and opportunities and facilities at home and abroad for professional development;
  • To improve the practice of language teaching and learning;
  • To promote high standards of pre-service and in-service language teacher training;
  • To foster and promote scholarship relating to language teaching;
    To foster high academic and professional standards in language learning and teaching;
  • To encourage cooperation and mutual support, collaborative learning and learning in communities; and
  • To provide networking and other opportunities for English language development

In a phased approach KETNET will also:

  • Provide a focus and a forum for persons and organizations interested in the teaching of languages;
  • Represent language teachers in their relations with government and official bodies about matters relating to the teaching of English;
  • Have a consultative and advisory role with regard to educational developments and innovations;
  • Provide any necessary support for activities initiated at the local level;
  • Initiate projects and establish scholarships, perhaps with outside funding; and
  • Establish contact, perhaps through formal affiliation, with other national and international organizations of language teachers.

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